Monday, March 11, 2013

[Adirondack Chairs] - A Slight Detour

The girls school has their annual basket raffle to raise money for their field trips, so I took some time off from finishing the Schoolbox to build Adirondack Chairs for the raffle. I got a great reaction to the chairs that were built out of Cedar last year, so this year I thought I would take it to the next level and do them in Sapele Mahogany. I've got to be honest. I found working with Cedar much more difficult. It chips and dents just looking at it.  and a lot of time was spent fixing little issues. And it wasn't really that much cheaper than to using sapele.

No pictures of the build progress this time as I was pressed to get these done. I finally tracked the amount of time spent to build each chair from beginning to end and was amazed at how much time it takes. I clocked in at roughly 40 hours each. But that wasn't racing to get them done either.  I tried to work efficiently without sacrificing attention to detail. I'm a firm believer in the "Go slower .... it's faster" mantra. And I still have all of my fingers. I'm sure I could cut down that time with more careful attention to process, but this is for fun anyway.

Here are the details:
- Chairs are made of Sapele Mahogany
- Stainless steel carriage bolts and screws
- Titebond III Waterproof glue
- 2 coats of McCloskey's Man-O-War Marine Spar Varinsh (Satin Finish)

So it's back to finishing the Schoolbox, and another project that I started and never finished.


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